Our students have always been our most loyal supporters.   When we first started teaching, using the lowest basement level of our multi-story home, the students came faithfully every week to work in a windowless basement room with the only light being provided by lamps screwed to the tables.  We stored all the supplies, molds, porcelain, work in progress, and our students in this small room.  It is a testimony to their dedication that we still have several of those first students attending classes today, 14 years later.

As the teacher, I have always been tremendously proud of the work done by my students.  No one could ever claim that I was biased!  However, in testimony to the quality of the work they produce, whenever they enter a competition, they walk away with many rosettes and blue ribbons, and usually a few of the top trophies in the competition, too!

This page is dedicated to our students.  The slide show presented here will grow as our students bring their dolls in to get pictures taken, but right now we just have a few samples.  We are very proud of our students' dolls and it is with great joy that we present these dolls for your viewing pleasure.  

Please CLICK HERE to view the slide show

This page last edited on July 21st, 2007.

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