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One of the things I wanted to accomplish with my website, was to further the art of porcelain doll making by reaching people who had a desire to learn, but perhaps did not have access to qualified teachers and proper techniques in reproducing porcelain dolls.  My main focus at this time is on the reproduction of antique dolls, as the information required to complete these dolls is not always available to the doll artist. 

The format I have set up here is the same as the format I follow when I am teaching a seminar, or teaching in my regular teaching studio.  You are welcome to use the information provided here to reproduce the dolls as shown.  If you wish to purchase the supplies required to complete this doll, please email me for more information at stanec@shaw.ca .   We carry all the supplies required to make and assemble the dolls in the seminars.  You may purchase the porcelain either in soft-fired greenware, or bisque fired.  Ordering from, and helping to support Stanec's does help insure that we stay on the internet, but please do not do so at the expense of your local studios.   If you are attending classes at a studio, or have studios in your own area that need your support, please do so, as the studios out there desperately need their local support!!!!!

I hope you enjoy making these dolls.  If you have any problems with the instructions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In addition to sharing the Seminar Information, I am also providing General Information on doll making by taking sections out of the Student Manual that I created for my students to use in our classroom.  Some of the excerpts from this book can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  While not everyone wishes to enter dolls in competitions, I have included this information as it provides a doll maker with an excellent check list and guideline of how to critique their own doll both while making it, and when it is finished.  I believe that following these standards will increase the quality of all reproduction doll makers.  (I have recently added downloadable printable pages of this information.   Watch for the links indicating that there is an Adobe Acrobat file available.)

Cutting Out Eyes in Soft Fired Greenware

How to Wet Clean Greenware

China Painting Techniques in General

Sewing Competition Quality Clothing For Your Doll

Hints on How a Judge Looks at Your Doll in Competition

The Dolls Of Gebruder Heubach

Seminar One


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   We have chosen two of the dolls of the firm of Gebruder Heubach.    These dolls are some of my all time favorites, including the unmarked head we have come to know and love as simply "Mary", and the classic Pouty, named "Billie".

  The following pages will introduce you to the techniques taught in our studio.  So please come in and join us while we make these two dolls.

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The Beautiful Bru Jne 13 French Bebe

Seminar Two

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Delightful Oriental Bru Jne 7

Seminar Three

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The Fabulous A. 11 T.

Seminar Four

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The Three Cousins

Seminar Five

It's a work in progress!!! 

Sweet Little Sapphire with Dimensionally Painted Eyes

The links below provide information on our In-Studio BASIC seminar programs.  Our Studio is located in British Columbia, Canada.  We have limited space available for students to stay on-premises during these seminars.  Otherwise, there are several hotels in the near vicinity.

Information on our Seminar Program

Apprentice One Seminar

All-Bisque Dolls Specialty Seminar

Check here for our Seminar Schedule

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