Internet Porcelain Doll Competition is going to host another Internet Doll Competition.  This competition will be held with no restrictions as to membership in any group, either on the internet or otherwise.  It will be open to all entrants whose dolls qualify for the rules and regulations, similar to any "real world" competition.  There will be specific categories, just like any ordinary competition.  Your dolls will have to be made from legally purchased and available molds, and have been made by your own hands, as outlined in each category.  

Basically the competition will be run along the same lines as the competition currently on display at , however there will be NO requirement of membership in the PDMN and NO specification of the dolls to be entered other than it must fit into a category.  There will be some amendments to the rules based on experiences learned from the first competition, but all changes will be for the betterment of the competition.  

The entry fee for each doll is $15.00 US.  Entries are welcomed from all over the world.  Photographs ONLY, will be submitted, according to the rules as outlined for the competition, which will be posted once the new website is up and running.

Proposed date for the competition is June 30th, 2007.  Deadline dates will be posted on the competition website once it is published  Check back here frequently for updates on the competition.

If you wish more information on this competition, or to have your name put on the mailing list,  please click on the doll graphic below to send an email with your request.

This Page Last Updated July 21st, 2007.

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