A Reproduction of a Rudolf Stradt Figurine

This sweet little girl is an all-porcelain figurine of a type known as Piano Babies, originating in the Victorian Era c 1882  Evelyn's accurate reproduction is done from the actual antique figurine which she owns.  This little sitting girl is holding a basket of fruit and vegetatables.  She has intaglio eyes with molded brown hair.  She is not marked, but is a known piece.  The original figurine came done in many colors.  Evelyn has two pieces, one in a pale green, and on in pink, as represented in this reproduction.  The model used by Seeley's to make this mold available, was in a lime green color.  Interestingly enough, the originals are NOT painted on the back, with the exception of the hat and hair.  Evelyn has chosen to finish the entire figurine, as it IS a reproduction, and it looks nicer that way.  If you wish to purchase a figurine done as close as possible to the original, with no painting on the back of the figurine, one can be made on a special order.


Height:  Aproximately 5.5 Inches Tall (sitting)

     $85.00 CDN (plus shipping)

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This page last edited on August 18th, 2007

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